Down With Denim, Up With Style: Q&A With KORAL Denim Designer, David Koral


No matter the season, we depend on denim to take us to the mall, out with the girls, to casual Friday in the office, and everywhere in between. There’s no doubt that jeans – our favorites and our “skinny” jeans – play an irreplaceable role in our lives. David Koral’s new line, KORAL, has a jean that can serve any purpose and function in every season. We caught up with this talented designer to learn a little bit more about his passion for denim and to get some advice about how to sport our many shades of blue.

1.What drew you to denim?

I’ve always had an appreciation for fashion and with my father's creation of 7 For All Mankind, it opened my eyes to the beauty of denim. Blue jeans have a simplicity and practical sense that draws me to them.

2. How has your family’s history in the denim industry contributed to the development of the KORAL brand?

It has contributed tremendously to establishing KORAL as a brand of that stands for superior quality. Without the knowledge and experience of our team, it wouldn't have been possible to create our signature lived-in-length concept.

3. Explain the “lived-in length” idea behind KORAL denim. Is this what sets KORAL apart from other denim lines?

Our lived-in-length collection features a range of washes progressing from 0 Month to 48 Month, hand-processed to reflect the natural wear and personality of its owner over time. While it takes years of experience to understand the way denim ages naturally, what really sets us apart is the overall integrity we put into every detail of our fits, fabrics and finishes.

4. How and why did you develop the classic, simple look that characterizes KORAL jeans?

We feel it’s the subtle details and minimalistic influences that will define the next generation of denim. That’s why we spend countless hours focusing on the understated details that make a garment timeless.

5. Denim has been around forever, but it has definitely taken many forms. What is this season’s denim “look”? How can we make denim feel new this summer?

For the summer season, color blocking and pops of color will be big in denim. From Koral you will see the Color Block Skinny and Relaxed Short in 12 Month Destroyed and the Skinny in worn colors like chartreuse, orange glow and berry.

6. What are some styles/washes/patterns/finishes we should be looking out for this season?

From Koral, come early Fall, expect to see some new silhouettes, like our relaxed skinny and carrot pant. We're also introducing a slim fit for women that will be in between a skinny and a straight leg. As for new techniques, we’re offering a range of new washes, such as our desert, clay and mineral washes.

7. How can we keep our denim-based ensembles lightweight enough to face the summer heat?

Denim today is offered in a wide variety of weights, so just like a businessman or woman swaps their suits from wools to linens, make a simple switch to lighter, looser or more breathable denim fabrics. I suggest anything under 10 ounces. Some of the fabrics we use have an ultra soft drappiness and feel cool on the skin.

8. What’s the best way to incorporate bright-colored denim into a workingwoman’s wardrobe?

Let the bright-color denim be the statement piece and keep the rest as minimal as possible. Style it with neutrals, whites or even black to let the color pop. And be sure to dress for the occasion. You don’t want to show up to work looking like you belong in the front row of a closing weekend party in Ibiza.

9. How can we style jean shorts to make them appropriate for venues other than the beach?

Style your shorts with tights and a blazer to keep your look upscale. I personally like when women wear denim shorts with a leather jacket and some pumps, but stay away from the whole “daisy duke” look with heels at the pool this summer.