Dress Like the Girl’s Cast: 12 Pieces To Try

image via Cnn.com

Cherry Blossom Top $39.99, http://bit.ly/WJYLou
Living the Dream Skirt $49.99, http://bit.ly/MMTeDo
Coincidence and Chance Dip-Dye Cardigan $59, http://urbout.co/SjklwO

Hannah’s “I don’t care” attitude makes for a creative, laid back style that works for her artistic personality. Quirky prints, whether on a standout button down or funky A-line skirt, is a Hannah must have. A fitted cardigan, some cool colored tights and Mary Jane flats complete the look.

Ombre Slinky Print Midi Dress $80, http://bit.ly/RhuBFP
80s Vintage Black Marabou Feather Stole $109, http://etsy.me/QZ3uvN
Step Into My Office Wedge $44.99, http://bit.ly/UErVVl

Bold and carefree, Jessa’s wild child attitude makes for the perfect bohemian wardrobe. From dreamy floral maxis to vintage patterned jackets, Jessa’s closet boasts a multitude of “costumey” eye catchers.

A Wear Ruffle Sleeve Dress $70.36, http://bit.ly/P3Cwqi
Pammyy-L Leopard Pumps $129.95, http://bit.ly/TB6l4c
Jewel and Coin Necklace $26.93, http://bit.ly/TbjE4N

Marnie‘s neurotic need for perfection and control resonates in her flawlessly put together outfits. With an array of form fitting, knee length dresses, she’s nailed the classically feminine style. Her obsession with high necklines is especially chic, inspiring us to try the timeless cut to achieve similar sophistication.

Bird Print Blouse $49.95, http://bit.ly/WK3ab9
Pins and Needles Faux Leather Trimmed Skirt $54, http://urbout.co/TVVI6F
Pyramid Thought Necklace $9.99, http://bit.ly/SafpXL

Still stuck in between late teenage-hood and whatever comes after, fidgety Shoshanna is our favorite nervous wreck. Her style may not be as confident as the rest of the Girls, but she always looks perfectly put together in her cutesy getups. Pretty blouses and conservative accessories have proven to be Shoshanna’s preppy fashion staples, easy styles to incorporate into any wardrobe.