Dressed Up Denim


Jeans // Blazer // Top // Necklace // Heels

Denim may not be on the approved list for each and every social event on your calendar this year, but there’s no reason to automatically discount it for dressier occasions. When it comes to dressing up denim, there are just a few rules you need to follow to make sure your blue jeans get you past the front door and into the party.

  1. No rips, no tears, no holes. Leave the beat up boyfriend jeans at home, and instead opt for slim fit, devoid of distress.
  2. Say buh-bye to blue: Here, it’s all about one extreme or the other. Dark jeans or black jeans are always a good choice, and during the summer months, white jeans are A-OK.
  3. Find some height: Unfortunately, flats tend to make an outfit look more casual, so if you’re choosing jeans, you’ll have to rock a heel too.
  4. Layer: Adding a blazer and a statement necklace can drastically change the look of your jeans. They’ll go from Sunday casual to Thursday evening out very quickly.

Now, go forth and conquer your social calendar in your favorite denim.