Drew Barrymore Is All About Glam on the Go


Despite being beauty buffs, we busy girls in the big city know there never seems to be enough time to do anything, let alone a bonafide morning makeup routine at home. Fifteen extra minutes hitting the snooze button vs. crafting an expert cat eye flick? We’ll go with the snoozing this time, thankyouverymuch. Fellow busy girl Drew Barrymore gets it—in fact these days, the star is all about beauty on the go. Need evidence? Just check out her latest subway mani, cab contouring, and more in-transit beauty adventures with the new hashtag she’s rocking: #commuterbeauty.

The founder and president of Flower Beauty met with a host of editors this week to explain herself and her new beauty mission during a launch event for her first fragrancesCherished, Radiant, and Sultry. In line with her everywoman philosophy, the scents are inspired by the “modern day woman that juggles work family and friends.” Of course the perfumes come in the form of travel-friendly rollerballs, reminding us she’s totally focused on ensuring everyone can get glam on the go.

“[If I had a personal beauty blog] I would write about anything that’s related to fast makeup,” Barrymore said. “That’s why I have this hashtag going called #CommuterBeauty because I don’t remember the last time I sat down to do my makeup; it’s always on the go. So I love to see and want to see women putting their pictures of them out there on the go. That would be my first thing that I’m obsessed with it because it’s so true! We don’t have a vanity table anymore.”

Most of Flower Beauty’s products consist of makeup sticks for eyes, lips, cheeks, and face, making it super easy to apply and blend with one hand when time and space are tight. When she’s on the move, Barrymore suggests using stoplights to touch up when you can…just be careful. “If you’re going to do your makeup at a stoplight, make sure it just came from yellow,” she warns. “Don’t go to the stoplight and think, ‘I wonder how long it’s been red. I should start.’ You want to make sure you have that quick window. “

Consider the five-minute face (and fragrance) conundrum crushed!