Driving With the Top Down

I'm headed to Vermont this weekend for a little fresh air … and to see a good friend tie the knot! I'm excited about the cutesy bed and breakfast, the rustic-chic ceremony, and the long, relaxing car ride.

No, seriously, I'm psyched for the road trip. I can't wait to get in the car and drive. I love the radio, the rest stops, the fast food, and the car naps (in the passenger seat of course). And I'm even more pumped about the Mustang convertible I'll be driving! (How jealous are you now?!?) The kind folks at Ford offered me the cool car for my weekend escape, and I happily accepted. They even shared a few tricks to keep my hair looking glam at the wedding even if I've been driving around with the top down. Here are a few of my favorite tress-taming tips for the modern woman (like me!) and her Mustang … Enjoy your weekend!

I hope to look something like this girl … except blond. Be sure to follow me on Twitter. I'll be chronicling my Mustang adventures. (To clarify, I will not be tweeting and driving simultaneously.) Safety first. xo.


Nothing says summer like driving with the top down in your Ford Mustang convertible. The wind in your hair … your hair in your eyes, your mouth, your nose.

Ford recently approached celebrity hairstylist Ruth Roche, owner of Rare salon in New York City, for her tips on innovative ways to keep your hair from suffering road rage. To pull hair away from the face and at the same time stay stylish, Roche suggests:

Prepare hair first with a texturizing spray and rough-dry with a blow-dryer.

Next, comb hair with fingers rather than a brush and secure a ponytail with elastic. That way the hair has a slightly messy look, which is OK and on trend.

Finish off with some of the season’s really great hair accessories that use materials such as wood and leather, especially for the revival of the ponytail.

Sometimes hair can’t help but get a little windblown. Rather than hide it with an unflattering baseball cap, Roche says you can easily tame your mane with one multifunctional product.

If you want to smooth your locks after a windblown ride, spray a leave-in conditioner on your hair and brush out with a natural boar-bristle brush. Always start at the ends and work your way towards the top to keep from pulling or breaking the hair.

The effect that wind has in hair is amazing. Product helps to set the look by adding texture before you get in the car. Try Momo moisturizing, antifrizz protective fluid by Davines. It will keep your hair from getting knotty, while providing some separation and shine.

Qear lots of sunscreen and protect your hair. If you color your hair, it is important to protect it from fading from overexposure to sun. Make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that protects and nourishes color-treated hair. So, your locks have less to fear when you hit the road this summer — with the top down.