Drybar Brings in the Big Bucks


We knew Drybar was huge, but it has just reached a new level as Alli Webb’s brainchild made Fortune’s annual “40 Under 40” list.

With 30 locations nationwide (and more to come) since opening in 2010, the magazine noted that the company serves around 100,000 customers a month – admittedly many of them are from Glam. The niche salon has branched out with a range of hairstylers and tools to become a part of a beauty buff’s every day life and slated to rake in $40 million this year. Plus, it even inspired a Peeps diorama that we still can’t get over!

With an enviable business model that has sparked a series of diffusions around the world, including braid and bang bars plus a nod from the financial glossy, Webb’s influence won’t be letting up any time soon.

Congrats, Alli!