DuWop’s Private Lipstick Trio Is Perfect For Every Skin Tone

There’s a full rainbow of lipsticks out there, but sadly there isn't one color that looks 100% perfect on everyone—what may wash out one may come across much too vibrant on another. Thankfully DuWop has customized its Private Lipstick Trio to complement consumers no matter their skin tone. The technology behind mood lipsticks that were all the rage in the ’70s has been paired with natural pigments like henna, annatto, and hibiscus to allow all three shades—Nude, Plum, and Red—to adapt. The lightweight lip colors are infused with caster oil and Vitamin E to keep your lips moist, and the color sets in just 5 minutes. These customizable colors are going to be hard to keep private.

Available at DuWop.com for $19.