DVF On Making Her House Reality TV’s New Home


Diane von Furstenberg’s search for a brand ambassador commenced on Sunday evening with the premiere of her new show, House of DVF. The ladies hit the ground running (at the DVF Awards, to be precise) and, of course, drama ensued. But in lieu of a recap (let’s be real, you should probably just watch it because, well, everyone deserves to witness DVF in all her fashionable glory first-hand) we got von Furstenberg’s personal take on what it was like to film a reality series so close to home—or rather, inside her house.

Overall, what was it like to film this series? All I can say is that it all felt very…it just went so well. Nothing was posed, nothing was made up. I’m a producer on the show, [and] it was very important that it didn’t look calculated…that I could stand by all of it. It’s all about really giving the opportunity to young girls. At the beginning of your life, we have [many] doors, so I wanted to create something that was inspiring.

What were the contestants like when you first met them? They were very unsophisticated. But I love that. This is my favorite part of my life today: I love to see young girls at the beginning of their life. I love that, because it’s so interesting. Which is what I wrote in my book. That’s what I try to do…to have doors [of opportunity], and that’s what the show’s about.

Did you ever watch reality TV before starting this project? Not really. I watch when my granddaughter watches and I say, “What are you watching?!” but it’s the same as the social media. It’s so interesting because everything is immediate. I’m on Instagram, and I am so happy that I am old enough to have danced at Studio 54, but young enough to be part of the digital revolution. I feel that I was doing social media before there was social media. And I have to tell you that I have a very new, huge respect for this kind of television.

How is House of DVF different from shows like Project Runway? I always thought Project Runway was really interesting, because it really shows people what goes [on behind the scenes]. And it teaches fashion [very well]. Why? Because Tim Gunn was the Dean of Fashion—he wasn’t fake, he wasn’t an actor. He was real.

Me, having being part of Project Runway many times, I didn’t quite like the way they cut me [all the time]. There was very good intention…but a lot of times, producers/editors change that. In my case, I am a producer and my husband is Barry Diller, so I am using my power so that I can get it my way. Because you say all these nice things and good things and they go for [the bad], so sometimes I resented that. But overall, I thought it was great.

What was it like to play the role of yourself on television? So much fun! To do interviews and to talk about yourself is boring, but you do it. But to play your own self is great.

What did you learn about yourself over the course of filming House of DVF? I hope that I learn a little bit about myself every day. But the hardest part of the whole thing is the way I look—cause that’s tough. At my age, with no plastic surgery, that’s tough. [Editor’s note: Are we the only ones that would pretty much kill to look like that at age 67?]

Was there any moment caught on camera where you thought to yourself “Oh, I hope they don’t show this…”? As I said, I practice truth, and I stand for who I am. I have no skeletons and what I say is true.

What role does DVF play in a woman’s closet? I always say to my design team, “That DVF is the friend in the closet.” You wake up in the morning and your eyes are swollen and you have your period and you don’t know what to do—that's when you go for DVF.

Catch House of DVF on Sundays at 10p.m. on E!