Easter Dinner the Grown-up Way


Maybe it's the first holiday where you and your significant other are hosting (instead of your mom, aunt, or older cousin) or maybe you decided to stick it out as a twenty something in your new city as opposed to going home for Easter this year. Either way, celebrating the holiday requires a certain amount of pastel, bright hues, and spring time cheer to officially kick off the new season and the celebration. Put away the plain white plates and dress up your dinner table with floral motifs, colorful goblets, and decorative black and white water glasses. All you'll need to complete your table are a few creatively dyed eggs and a healthy dose of chocolate bunnies and your Easter dinner is set!

  1. Room Essentials® 12 Piece Floral Square Dinnerware Set, available at Target for $21.99
  2. Black Line Floral Dinner Plate Set of 6, available at Target for $11.99
  3. Threshold™ Panelled Ribbed Goblet Set of 8, available at Target for $24.99
  4. Room Essentials® Floral Drinkware Set of 8, available at Target for $13.99