Eat Your Broccoli!


Broccoli is in season and so good for you. This cruciferous vegetable has potent anti-cancerous properties. It's tasty, too.

  1. Roasted Broccoli, Arugula and Lentil Salad: Broccoli gets irresistibly crispy on the edges when roasted. Toss roasted broccoli with arugula, lentils, parmesan and a lemony dressing for a delicious one-bowl meal.
  2. Thai Green Curry: A simple and flavorful green Thai coconut curry with brown rice and steamed vegetables, including as much broccoli as you'd like!
  3. Peanut Soba Noodle BowlL Soba noodles tossed with steamed vegetables and an addictive peanut sauce. This dish is hearty yet full of vegetables, including broccoli.
  4. Spicy Sun-Dried Tomato and Broccoli Pasta: Featuring sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese and tons of broccoli, this easy pasta dish is loaded with flavor.

Contributing Editor, Kate Taylor, is a 20-something photographer and vegetarian cook from Oklahoma. She lives in Kansas City with her quirky black and white mutt, Cookie. Her blog, Cookie and Kate, is all about celebrating good food—real, sustainable food that delights the senses and nourishes the body. Kathryne is an avid supporter of the occasional indulgence and enjoys nothing more than eating good food in good company.