eBay Fashion Deliveries to Arrive in Richard Chai Totes


Richard Chaiis doing his part to bring fashion to the masses with a collaboration with eBay Now in the form of a stylish tote. The blue and white print featured on the bag is apart of his Spring 2014 collection he’ll show during New York Fashion Week.

Glam spoke with the designer as he toasted to a job well done on the Gramercy Terrace. Chai wouldn’t budge when we asked him to spill the deets on his upcoming show, but he did say that the collection was inspired by all things New York City and soft geometry. “I wanted to do something that was really bold, something that makes a statement about living in a great city,” he said. “Being in a city like New York is all about the excitement and the vibrancy of the actual city, I wanted to play on that idea. Something bold that made you feel alive.”

He has lived his whole life in New York City below 14th Street and counts downtown Manhattan as his favorite part of the city where he likes to spend his time just walking around. “There’s so much to see, and a different thing that you don’t notice or seeing different people, for me, that’s the beauty of being in this city,” Chai said.

So perhaps, we’ll see the designer out and about after Fashion Week carrying his eBay Now tote loaded up with is five must haves: #2 pencils, a digital camera, his iPhone charger, a pair or scissors, and his iPad mini (coincidently all things found on the eBay Now app).

If you're anxious to receive a tote of your own but can’t wait until October when every eBay Fashion now service will come with a Chai tote, on September 5th, the first 200 customers to place an order with the shopping service providing local deliveries in under an hour in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens will receive a bag before it launches for good in San Francisco, Bay Area Peninsula, San Jose, and later Chicago and Dallas in the coming months.

If this isn’t an incentive to shop, we aren’t sure what is. Congrats, Richard!