Editor’s Pick: A SenSarada Tea Ritual With the Pino Honey Ginger Body Lotion To Go


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It still doesn't quite feel like fall in San Francisco, but as our “Indian summer” winds down, I'm already anticipating the autumn weather just on the horizon with a beauty bag revamp. My first stop was to SenSpa for their seasonal SenSerada Tea Ritual, a rejuvenating treatment meant to strengthen the immune system and decrease tension in time for colder days.

The holistic hour and a half is inspired by the warmth and nourishment provided by a hot cup of tea, translated to the external body. The unique spa ritual begins with an herb exfoliation. A blend of coriander, cardamom, sandalwood, and valerian, infused with pumice powder relaxed my muscles and soothed my skin. The next part is pure luxury: my therapist wrapped me in a cocoon of heated, rich jojoba and the most wonderfully smelling Shea butter-based honey ginger lotion–stay tuned for that later. After a cleansing shower, I was placed under an even greater spell of relaxation with a warming ginger, cinnamon, and orange oil massage, topped off with a cup of tea to enjoy in the SenSpa lounge. 

I realize that not everybody can make it out to the Bay Area for the SenSerada Tea treatment (though if you're in town, this original and extraordinary ritual is one to try this season) but anyone can have a piece of the blissful experience with the Pino Honey Ginger Body Lotion that my therapist introduced me to. Upon application, which I usually save before bed, I feel the anxiety of the day melt away as the warming, autumn appropriate smell fills my insides and the stimulating and soothing cream hydrates my outside with plenty of organic nourishment and Vitamin E.

Pino Honey Ginger Body Lotion, $20