Editor’s Pick: Benefit’s They’re Real Push Up Liner


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“Never ask a woman with winged liner why she’s late.”

We’ve laugh along with the memes based on this well-known beauty quote because it’s true! One of the most classic beauty looks is a pain to master, which is why I made it a NYFW resolution to nail it once and for all. It took me the full nine days to perfect the look with a pencil liner, but I never dared to try it with gel or (gasp!) liquid for fear of the time and the mess. But when I finally got my hands on Benefit’s upcoming push-up gel liner, I did a happy dance (really!). I knew this would be a game changer.

While the waterproof matte black gel formula is noteworthy for its staying power, the AccuFlex tip is the main event. The pen’s angled tip has a flat wide base for stability and a guard to keep pesky lashes out of the way. It all comes together to make it easy to get an even line close to the lashes in one swoop even if you can’t stay still. Plus, landing the perfect flick is simple, as the pen can follow the lower lash line to the outer corner to find the perfect angle. Warning: this is going to be the must-have item for every makeup maven, so snap them up when they hit shelves June 27.

This little pen is putting a new spin on “glam on the go!”

TheLinetoFine.com, $24