Editor’s Pick: Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker


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Music is daily necessity for me whether it’s on the commute to and from work, writing up the latest Beauty Buzz, or even just singing (badly) in the shower. While my headphones are always packed up and ready to go, laptops on the other hand don’t pump up the volume enough for me.

So when I need to turn my space into a dance party for one (or more), my latest music must has become Bose’s newest speaker. The small size means I can easily pack it into a travel tote to tag along to any venue, especially for any of my upcoming holiday soirees. I can pipe in music via an audio cord or Bluetooth and there’s a voice prompt to ensure the right device gets connected. The sound from speaker is full, natural, and loud once it’s connected and lasts up to eight hours, so the party can go on all night. Plus, it comes in a slew of colors to coordinate with your décor. Time to turn it up to 11 and let the music play! — Valis Vicenty

Bose Soundlink Color Bluetooth Speaker, $129.95