Editor’s Pick: Breakups to Makeup Mascara Tee


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As a beauty buff, I’m a sucker for any item that incorporates my love for cosmetics. From my nail polish iPhone case, to lipstick print dresses, I can’t get enough. It’s also the reason why my eyes went wide for Breakups to Makeup’s Mascara Tee.

The brand is only a year old, but boasts a bunch of sassy beauty sayings that could easily fit into a Mean Girls meme on tees, tanks, phone cases, and more. Every time I wear it, I receive loads of compliments from makeup mavens and even a few double takes from fashion fans and NYC tourists. Plus it doesn’t hurt that graphics tees are back en vogue. It’s time to mix this one in to my stash of shirts from the back of my closet. – Valis Vicenty

Breakups to Makeup Mascara Tee, $30