Editor’s Pick: Caelum Activewear


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I’ll always stick by my black spandex goods, but I do tend to welcome a splash of color into my workout wardrobe once in a while. This summer is one of those times. As a fashionista who tends to shy away from neons from day-to-day, I embrace them when I’m at the gym instead. While I’m working on my fitness, I’m also working neon into my life with Brooke Burke-Charvet’s new active wear line, Caelum.

The Lana cropped leggings feature a black-and-white stripe with bright yellow paneling inside for a little bit of pop. Similarly, the Mecca X-Back sports bra has a hot pink layer for extra support and a color blocking detail, both of which will bolster my sweat sesh. If nothing else, the punky stripes and vibrant colors just might be enough to get me out of bed and excited to work out—and if that fails, at least I’ll look cute while I’m ditching the gym and opting for a casual city stroll. As long as the clothes are as fashion-forward as Caelum’s, I’ll be signing up for a whole lot of color (incorporated into my black spandex rotation, of course) this summer—as far as the gym goes. As for other arenas, well, we might just have to give it some more time.-Lauren Kaplan

Caelum Lana Crop Leggings and Mecca X-Back Bra, $68 and $48 respectively.