Editor’s Pick: Color Cube Nail Polish


Color Cube Nail Polish

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It's not an exaggeration to say that dozens of nail polishes land on my desk every week, but very few garner even a second look…much less a full blown Internet investigation go track down the founder of the line. But when I picked up a sample of Color Cube polishes in a beauty box a couple months ago, I knew I had to get my hands (hah) on all the polishes.

Even at first glance, I was stuck by how sophisticated the colors were. The brand only features ten hues, and each color in the collection is purposefully and deliberately chosen. Founder Jane Schub is an artist–a former illustrator and RISD graduate–whose mission in creating this beauty line was to conceive colors that were “provoking” and “stimulating” and that contained a certain depth and dimension. In other words, these are hues that you can't stop staring at, because whether a deep red or an icy blue, each feels like the perfect shade of that color.

But the polishes don't just look good, they're also high performers. One coat is all you need for a saturated, high shine manicure and the longevity exceeds many other brands that I've tried. All the products are 5-free, absent of any harmful ingredients and packaged together with another complementary hue. As far as polish goes, this line is about as close as you'll get to little works of art. Trust me, you'll definitely want to collect them all. -Carolyn Hsu

Color Cube Polishes, $21 at LuckyScent.com