Editor’s Pick: Custom Style-Savvy Notes From The Card Lady


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Last month, I used up the last of my store-bought 12 pack of blank cards. They served me well, but now I feel that I should take advantage of the freedom to replace them with something a little more interesting. So, I connected with The Card Lady (desigsnbythecardlady@gmail.com) for something creative and custom.

I envisioned cards that felt quirky, trendy, and standout, representative of my style and myself. The Card Lady worked her magic, and the end result was spot on. My custom cards play with #HashTagging, something incredibly “of-the-moment.” In contrast, they decorate a slew of hand-written notes, an art very much associated with previous times. Isn't the whole modernity meets the past in right now anyways? It's a bit tongue-in-cheek, and I liked that. The fun and witty expressions aligned with my sassy relationship with friends too–#LoveYouDoll and #DrinksOnMe are expressions commonly exchanged within our group. The packaging, made of 100% recycled paper with a foiled polka dot envelope linear, adds just the right amount of glam to the special delivery.

Part of me is now looking for excuses to send a handwritten note so that I can order my next round. The other part of me wants to just keep these beauties all for myself! -Katherine Fotinos

The Card Lady, prices vary upon design