Editor’s Pick: Dormify’s Meow, I Mean Roar. Pouch


A Glam girl really can never have enough “pouches.” I, personally, put pouches in pouches in pouches—and, somehow, there are still more pouches to be pouched. Or, whatever. But just when I thought I had enough, this one happened. I mean, doesn’t “meow, I mean roar” kind of say it all?

Not only does the saying on this one hit the nail right on the head, but everything else about it is pure puuurfection (couldn’t resist). The canvas material makes it a super light item I can carry wherever and fill it up with all kinds of gadgets (in this case, my “gadget” of choice was a plethora of beauty necessities). I could totally pile chargers, wires and electronics galore in this baby, but I usually prefer makeup and always have more of it. No matter where I’m going, it’s big enough to fit whatever I need and small enough to still be a pouch that I put in a pouch…or, just another bag.

With a pop of pink and a big zipper for easy-access to whatever ends up being tossed inside, this pouch is my newest go-to. Better yet, it’ll serve as a daily reminder to never hold back and let my voice or style fade into the background—especially because as far as I’m concerned, a leopard's spots are always in style. So, yeah: roar. –Lauren Kaplan

Dormify Meow, I Mean Roar. Pouch, $22