Editor’s Pick: Element Snacks Rice Cakes


Element Snacks

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Whether you work in fashion, finance, or any industry in between, we know one thing that's true about your office job: Every day around 4PM, it's time to make the rounds looking for your afternoon snack. And unless you happen to work at Glam (or Google), your options are probably whatever's left in the vending machine (or those sad looking muffins left over from the breakfast sales meeting)–which is also precisely what you should not be eating.

Enter my newest obsession: Element Rice Cakes. Despite being gluten-free, GMO-free, vegan, organic, and containing no cholesterol, hydrogenated fats, trans fast, or high fructose corn syrup, the snacks are really, really delicious. So much, in fact, that my entire team as commented on how great all the different flavors (ranging from Sweet Orange to Dark Chocolate) taste. The company modernized the traditional rice cake by making them thinner and crunchier, and added a layer of chocolate or fruit frosting sure to satiate any sweet tooth. You would never be able to guess that each serving–one decently sized cake–is only 80 calories. -Carolyn Hsu

ElementSnacks.com, $35.80 for 40 cakes