Editor’s Pick: Elizabeth Mayville’s “Top Knot” Series


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My first self-purchased piece of original artwork sits above my bed as a conversation piece for anyone who first visits my room. “Is that you,” they ask, looking at the brunette in the painting, and then back at the messy brown bun sitting a top my own head. “No, but it could be,” I reply.

That's what brought me to purchase the 8×10 piece by Grand Rapids based artist, Elizabeth Mayville. From the striped tee to the ombre highlights, the girl who inspired the painting now sitting in my bedroom could have very well been me. Take a look through Mayville's collection of still lifes and portraits, especially her series of oil and gouache “hair paintings” which feature the back of deconstructed top knots, beautiful braids, and ballerina buns, and you're sure to find your look-a-like too. Adorable and affordable, with originals being sold on her Etsy page in the hundreds and prints under $30, Elizabeth Mayville is the perfect artist for the modern girl who is just starting to add pieces to her first apartment.

8×10 'hair painting,' $175