Editor’s Pick: Google Nexus 7


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I always said I wouldn’t be one of those people. The ones who are inadvertently killing the print industry because they’ve opted to read their glossies, news, and New York Times bestsellers from a tablet. What about turning pages, that new-book smell? Feelingpaper—recycled, matte, glossy, or new—pressed between your fingertips? Those were the days.

Then, Google gifted me with a Nexus 7. The mobile device, all 16 GB of it, has become my reader of choice. I’ve transferred all my Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar subscriptions onto it, discovered a free UK fashion magazine (Stylist), and started filling my virtual Play Books library with with my favorite novels, new and old. Now, before you get all “you didn’t even buy that” on me, have a seat. I loved the mobility and interface of the device so much that I bought one for my boyfriend. Legit, people.

Though I specifically use my Google Nexus 7 for mobile reading, it has been touted by PCMag.com as one of the best Android tablets around. And it’s for good reason. The thin, lightweight, 7-inch tablet has a super-high display resolution that rivals the iPad (1920 x 1200 pixels to be exact), a quad-core processor (it moves fast), a front and rear camera, and two stereo speakers. The latter is especially important, considering the Android device allows you to sync your iTunes library. Can you say win?!

P.S. I stillbuy magazines. What else am I going to frame and hang on my walls?

Google.com, $269