Editor’s Pick: Jouer Luminizing Cheek Tint


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Don’t get me wrong—I love all kinds of makeup. This Glam girl can’t pass up a plummy lipstick or let a green nail polish go if she tried. Oh, and I dare you to ask me my favorite mascara and then listen to my long-winded response. The summation: I might be a little obsessed with mascara.

But I digress. My point is, as much as I love playing with makeup, I sport a natural look the majority of the time. Therefore, I gravitate towards products that will help me achieve a pretty, not caked on, face. Enter: Jouer Luminizing Cheek Tint, whose name is pretty self-explanatory. This little compact holds a creamy, illuminating tint that goes on sheer and adjusts to my skin’s personalized pH in 20 minutes. It’s packed with micro-sparkles, so it makes cheeks look glow-y without entering overly glittered territory.

Best of all, it’s totally portable and doesn’t require a brush, so I can toss it in my bag for post-work touchups…or have it handy if I get a late morning start and don’t have time to beautify fully. It gives me the natural flush I’m always after and feels totally weightless—and as a busy girl who’s always multitasking (read: working, walking, typing, Tweeting, reading, Instagramming, talking, eating all at the same time), I can appreciate a product that does the same. This one-color-wonder works on cheeks and lips to give you nothing more than a pretty glow—because most of the time, that’s all we really need. –Lauren Kaplan

Jouer Luminizing Cheek Tint, $24