Editor’s Pick: Kate Somerville’s Daily Deflector Waterlight Anti-Aging Sunscreen


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As I age in both years and wisdom, I've become acutely aware of the reality that the sun is extremely dangerous, even when you think it's hiding behind the clouds. After countless lectures from skin care experts at beauty events, I've successfully made sunscreen part of my morning regime.

But it wasn't always that way.

Generally I hate inundating my face with extra products, and aim to keep my beauty routine on the minimal spectrum of things. I moisturize as much as possible because I want to look like I'm 25 when I'm 40, but when it comes to products that may clog my pores and feel heavy and greasy, I stay away. The main culprit? Most sunscreens.

Thanks to products like Kate Somerville's Daily Deflector Waterlight Anti-Aging Sunscreen, I'm able to ensure my face is protected from the sun while my pores are able to breath. Her sunscreen is lightweight, chemical free, and works to fight wrinkles, three things I'm right on board with beauty wise.

Bonus points: for a sunscreen this smells pretty fantastic.

KateSomerville.com, $48