Editor’s Pick: Lana Jewelry’s Magic Gold Hoops


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I used to be a big fan of hoop earrings, but when statement necklaces and arm parties became the trend of the moment, I put away my hoops in favor of dainty studs. It's all about balance, in jewelry and in life.

These days, my wrists are generally free of adornment, save for a black hair tie used for evenings at the gym, staying true to my #HealthyObsessions. As for my necklace of choice, I've opted for a simple initial chain from Maya Brenner for the past three years, gifted to me by a close friend. Given my minimal accessories, I figured it was time to dive back into the earring waters and find a new pair of hoops to love.

I quickly fell for a thin gold pair that easily made their way into my every day attire. I knew these gold hoops would quickly become a staple in my outfits in the city, but they surprised me even more on a recent trip to Montauk. Though I'm not usually one to opt for beach jewelry, unlike my counterpart, Nola, I wore my gold hoops to the beach for a lazy Sunday afternoon of lounging. I quickly found (thanks to this selfie) just how well they paired with my new Triangl bikini, bronze tan thanks to a summer of #Wanderlust, and that staple necklace. These new hoops officially brought back my old school accessory game, in a big way. – Bianca Posterli

Lana Jewelry's Large Flat Magic Hoops, $430