Editor’s Pick: Neon Bangle Bracelet


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I've found it, ladies; the perfect summer accessory. This Alexis Bittar neon bangle is everything. Truthfully, I can take no credit in picking it out myself because it was simply the best bridesmaid gift I've ever received (thanks @agbekerman). It's truly the ultimate summer bracelet, and let me tell you why.

First off, it reminds me of the light up bracelets you wore as a kid and have recently resurfaced on the festival scene. But the beauty of this charm is that it never runs out of juice! It stays perpetually lit up in a neon yellow glow (I have no idea what this thing is made of and I don't really want to know the secret of it's magic). Secondly, it surprisingly matches everything. It brightens up an all-black outfit and picks up accent colors in most floral patterns as well. Lastly, well, it's just rad. And do we really need any more than that? I certainly don't! – Michelle Kushner 

AlexisBittar.com, $59.50