Editor’s Pick: Nike+ FuelBand SE Gold


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Men lie, women lie. And scales do, too.

For many, including myself, a healthy obsession isn’t just about building strength, leaning out, and adopting a clean eating regime. Oftentimes, we seek validation in numbers: if the dial on that scale doesn’t move left, then those shin splint-inducing runs, butt-busting squats, and gimme-the-shakes planks—oh, those abs—seem to have been done in vain. But it isn’t all about those lbs. It’s about how you move.

Thanks to 35 athletes, two master trainers, Olympians Carmelita Jeter and David Oliver,a team of football stuntmen, a handful of professional dodgeball players, Los Angeles Lakers small forward Nick Young, and one Epic Day LA, (whew!), I found a way to stay motivated other than staring at the scale: with NikeFuel. The technology tracks movement and the energy you use to complete any given activity, and tallies metrics that show your improvement over time. The universal measure is calculated the same for every user, regardless of age or gender, and gives me reminders to get up, get out, and get something started. No wonder its sales are up a smooth 34% on eBay alone.

I’ve worn my Nike+ FuelBand SE band faithfully—perfect for my rose gold arm party—since activating and syncing it with my iPhone during Epic Day LA. A month later, you could say that setting goals and hitting milestones has become second nature. Plus, there’s this thing called accountability: when I log on and see daily goals not met or am hit with a reminder to “win the hour,” there’s no excuse not to move. Ready. Set. GO!

Nike+ FuelBand SE Gold, $149