Editor’s Pick: Nike x J. Crew Blazer Sneakers


Discover your next obsession with our Editor’s Pick series, must-have products for your home, wardrobe, makeup bag, and office curated by Glam editors.I know, I know. It took me a while. I just had to take my time to find a pair of the rightstreet style-worthy sneakers. The process went a little bit like this: I saw them everywhere this past spring, and therefore decided that Stan Smith’s had come and gone; sneaker wedges just aren’t my look; the duds with metallic detailing are cool, but not my aesthetic either; and simply put, my worn-out white Converse low-tops just weren’t going to cut it at Lincoln Center.

When I finally came across these vintage-y Nike sneakers, I immediately knew that they deserved a place in my (already full) New York City-sized closet. They’re suede, but the light color makes them wearable nearly year-round—not to mention the fact that, they’re neutral, AKA my perpetual palette of choice. But even so, I was drawn to them because they just weren’t trying too hard, like some “fashion kicks” tend to do. These high-tops are a Nike classic, but with J.Crew’s help, they received a jolt of modern-day trend. So, when will I wear them, you ask? When every other fashionista in New York City will be fashionizing her sneakers, of course: all over New York Fashion Week. While I do think sneakers-as-a-trend is the best excuse the fashion set could come up with for wanting to trade in pointy stilettos and sky-high platforms for something more wearable, my feet will surely be thanking me for submitting to it. –Lauren Kaplan

Nike Blazer High Suede Vintage Sneakers, $98