Editor’s Pick: Nugg Face Masks


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Now that summer travel is in full swing, I find myself packing and repacking my bag, weekend after weekend, opting for mini versions of my favorite beauty products instead of lugging around their full cousins. Unfortunately, this means that some of my regular routine becomes neglected as the debate between one extra product loses out on minimizing additional weight to my suitcase.

One product that always always gets left at home? My face masks. The jars they come in are generally quite hefty and sometimes, heavy. However, I always arrive home on Sunday night and am immediatly itching to slather my face in one of my masks. Thanks to Nugg Beauty, that problem is solved.

Instead of opting for larger, glass bottles filled with the product, Nugg created small, individual, one-use-only packets that are absolutely ideal for summer and for travel. Throw one in your bag; use it while on vacation; throw away the container; return home lighter–and with perfect skin. The product sells itself, so I will just add this little tidbit. My skin has never been softer. – Bianca Posterli

Target.com, $2.99