Editor’s Pick: Pack it Up in the Dagne Dover Mini Tote


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The one thing I don’t want to be called in New York City is a bag lady; but the one thing I’m not going to do is leave an essential at home.

When I head out every morning, I know there’s no coming back—if my agenda calls for work, #gymflow, happy hour, or covering a star-studded event, I’m going to need the tablet, athletic gear, lipstick, and heels to carry me beyond the 9-to-5. But hauling a hefty purse/tote/gym bag combo is not conducive to flexing on the ‘Gram. So, when it comes to balancing it all, Dagne Dover is my go-to.

The Dagne Dover Mini Tote keeps my must-haves on deck and preserves order in an otherwise messy place. Let’s face it—digging into the bottomless pit of your bag to find a business card or pen isn’t fun, especially at the expense of keeping your cool. With it’s no-fuss structure and compartments for every pretty girl vice, the Dagne Dover Mini Tote makes sure I keep it together at all times.

That Dagne Dover mantra is personified with large canvas totes, mini totes, and clutch wallets that, miraculously, have space—and a place!—for everything. Its aesthetic rivals luxury, high fashion bags and represents the intersection of where fashion and functionality meet. Best of all, each design is priced between $165 and $345, so you’ll never fall victim to splurging on that seasonal It-bag. That is something this Glam girl can be glad about.

Dagne Dover Mini Tote in Linen, $245