Editor’s Pick: Swarovski Crystal Phone Case by Deos


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Now that iPhones come in an array of different colors, it's even harder to find a suitable case to pair with the essential piece of technology that never leaves my hand. When I was lucky enough to score a gold iPhone 5s right after launch, I held out for months, refusing to cover the gilded beauty. However, a few drops later, I added a new accessory to my phone, a gorgeous, huge crack across the screen. Thanks to a very generous genius at the Apple store, I swapped out my broken gold phone for a new one, and immediately took to the Internet to search for a case, having learned my lesson. 

Thankfully, I quickly fell in love with a floral and striped case, accented with Swarovski crystals. It's bold enough for me to forget about the fact that I'm hiding the gold backing of my iPhone, and classically designed so it's sure to match with whatever I may be wearing that day. – Bianca Posterli

DeosStyle, $35-$115