Editor’s Pick: Uni K Wax Tweezers


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A tweezer is a tweezer, right? WRONG.

Confession time: I'm slightly obsessed with eyebrows. I have been ever since my boss at Baltimore magazine taught me all about threading and subsequently took me to get my brows threaded for the first time. Ever since then, I refuse to let anyone near my face unless they're working with floss.

In an effort to upkeep my Cara Delevingne wannabe brows in between sessions, I've worked my way through many different kinds of tweezers. But I was never sold on one set until I found this new set from my go-to waxing salon, Uni K Wax. These are perfectly slanted at a 25 degree angle, making it that much easier to grab those pesky little hairs and ideally sharpened to a precise point. I won't be missing my regular appointments with the lovely ladies at the threading salon, but I am more confident that my brows will remain up to a Delevingne comparison.

It also doesn't hurt that they come in a variety of colors.

Unikwax tweezers, $11