Election Day Desserts and Drinks

Elephants for the GOP and donkeys for those further left, made with butter and sugar for a flavor that will appeal to everyone. These cutout cookies remind me of the pink and white Circus Animal kind from my youth, but with an 18+ twist for the eager adult voter. [Taste of Home]

For a patriotic pastry, bake up a batch of cupcakes decorated in Election Day fashion. Georgetown Cupcake's recipe calls for elephant and donkey decor made out of edible fondant. Adorable and delicious? We vote yes! [Martha Stewart]

An American must have is the mason jar sized trifle. Layered with cake, berries and cream filling, Democrats and Republicans alike will agree on this one.[Unsophisticated Cook]

The Election Day fruit kebab is a sweet option for those of us still sugared out from Halloween. Strawberries and blueberries plus marshmallow make for a red, white and blue treat. [Giggles Galore]

Bipartisan cake pops are sure to be a crowd pleaser. This recipe for red and blue velvet ones with food colored frosting keeps Tuesday's dessert patriotic from the inside out. [Taste and Tell]

Flush down your Election Day treats with some democratic drinks. Whether you're more of an Old Fashioned or a Reforma, there's a cocktail for you to wind down with this Tuesday evening. [Huffington Post]