Emma Stone’s Written Ambitions


Last week, Glam got to talk all things beauty with the lovely Emma Stone, and we were surprised that the already accomplished actress had a different career plan growing up. She not only revealed her love of skincare, but also let it slip that she, like her character Skeeter from The Help, wanted to be a writer. Could beauty blogging be in her future? Maybe! Here’s what she had to say:

For a long time I thought that I would want to be a journalist because I think it's similar to being an actor – learning about people in the way that they are and the way they function. And I would self-edit all the time. I would just delete everything that I wrote all the time, and so I think what's hard about interviews or having that type of exposure is that I immediately want to say, none of my opinions are final. I just want to be like, “I should’ve said something else! Why did I say that?” all the time. That's more of what it is. It's just this self censor.