Emma Watson’s Role in The Bling Ring Made her Less Judgmental


Emma Watson’s role in Sofia Coppola’s highly anticipated The Bling Ring—a fame-hungry image-obsessed teenager who lead a celebrity burglary ring—is one, that the Harry Potter star found herself surprisingly connected to.

“The way Nicki looks, what she wears, really does define her,” the August Teen Voguecover girl told the magazine. “I think a lot of her aspirations come from her mother, who was a Playboy centerfold and was supportive of her to the point where there were no boundaries,” Watson continued. “To her the truth is totally bendable. The more research I did on my character, the more I empathized with her, which was surprising. I wasn’t expecting that. I realized there’s always a reason people are the way they are, and I think that made me more compassionate and less judgmental.”

Could she be any more of a sweetheart? Watson details more of her transformation into her character’s mind in The Bling Ring in the August issue of Teen Vogue (her fourth cover, too!) on newsstands July 2nd.