Emmy Rossum Is A Front-Row Style Star


Emmy Rossum popped up everywhere on the Fashion Week circuit (hello, Tory, Monique, and Donna), and we’re thoroughly impressed by the styles she sported. Whether the Shameless star is twerking on stage or sitting pretty front-row, she’s become an A-list style star for sure (all by herself, might we add – no stylist!), and here’s what we found out about her experience at Fashion Week and her smart sartorial selections.

What was the craziest moment you experienced during Fashion Week? 

Being backstage and watching all the models stand around naked. They’re so comfortable, it’s so strange. Like, whenever we do nude scenes on Shameless, it’s such a closed set, people aren’t looking at you. They’re certainly not looking at your body or putting clothes on you or anything, so it was an eye opening experience that my comfort level is not at all what theirs are. They’re literally hangers. So their confidence was pretty amazing. And also, they were all stuffing sandwiches in their faces, and I was like “How do they look like that?! They’re aliens!”

What are two words that describe your wardrobe?

Classic and feminine.

What’s an item that you’ll splurge on? 

My big splurge is probably shoes. That’s where I spend the most money. But it’s not on heels – it’s usually on boots or shoes I’ll wear everyday, like Chanel ballet flats or a Stuart Weitzman 50/50 boot. Well, I love leather jackets, so I’ll go to Dolce [& Gabbana] for something like that. But I also love the pleather that you can get at Topshop and ASOS. I shop there, and I love Zara and Etsy.