Emmy Rossum Is A Shameless “Smarty Plants”


Looking perfectly put together in J. Mendel at the Origins Smarty Plants complexion corrector launch party, Shameless star Emmy Rossum spent a few minutes with us for a round of spitfire Q&A. She hosted the party at JIMMY at The James hotel where beauty brand Origins and charity: water (a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing countries) came together for the cause. Though she spoke about how the new product uses SMART technology to protect, perfect, and correct skin, she gave us the exclusive scoop on her beauty practices…rather shamelessly (sorry, had to).

In your hair: Origins makes a really good shampoo if I have buildup on my hair from product. It’s mint – it smells really good. Otherwise, I ones shampoos that are sulfate-free to condition. I also use Frederic Fekkai Shine Spray and take biotin.

For your skin: I always wash my face and use an eye cream. I really like Restoresea. And Origins makes this product we’re talking about tonight, which is a multitasking product. It’s got your SPF, it has enough color to provide coverage and it’s hydrating like a moisturizer. It’s a little bit more effective than a tinted moisturizer.

On your lips: MAC Lady Danger. It’s an orangey-red that pops against my red hair. But for day, I’ll usually go with a gloss. Something easy.

On your lashes: A drugstore brand. I think it’s a Maybelline.

On your nails: I have clear on right now – that’s what I do when we’re doing Shameless because we’re not allowed to wear nail polish. But I’ve been growing my nails a lot because I’m really into this long stuff I’ve been seeing on the runways. And I’ve never been able to grow my nails, so biotin is really helping that. I’m a frustrated aesthetician, so I do nail parties at my house and we do mini manicures. I push back cuticles, I cut cuticles, I do designs – I do the whole thing. But when I wear color, it’s red. Olivia Palermo-red.

First beauty memory: Using my mom’s red lipstick when I was four years old. It looked like a clown.

Hidden beauty talent: I’m really good at popping pimples!

Best beauty secret: I use this weird clay called Aztec Secret [Indian Healing Clay]. It’s a powder that you buy at the drugstore. You add apple cider to it and it makes a really nice drying mask if you’ve got a zit.

Three products you’d bring with you to a desert island: Toothpaste, for sure. [Origins] Smarty Plants because it has SPF, and I still need to look cute incase I meet a hot desert guy. And something to make my breath fresh, because, well, there could be a desert island man!

On the upcoming season of ShamelessJimmy is gone, so [Fiona is] working at Universal Cup and we’re going to see her getting over him, because she thinks that he’s left. She doesn’t know that he’s gotten offed. The rest of the family’s growing up, Debbie’s definitely growing up. She’s probably going to have a boyfriend this year, so that’s definitely terrifying to me.

Qualities that you and Fiona share: We don’t take no for an answer, and we both wash our face before we go to sleep…I also don’t always wear a bra.