Empowerment, Body Brushing, and Summer Plans with Miranda Kerr


It's undeniable that feeling empowered comes from both the inside and the outside. In association with Step Up Women's Network, Miranda Kerr and Gillette Venus kicked off the Step Up & Step Out tour on Times Square, complete with a blue carpet!

“I'm all about empowering women to be the best they can be,” explained Kerr of her involvement. “I love to help women have that glamorous moment they might not have the opportunity to do [on a regular basis.]”

As she took the first steps on the carpet, the Angel turned Goddess invited women all over the city to come take their turn getting glam. Tourists and city-goers alike were invited in to dress up in Rent the Runway designs, have their hair and makeup done, and take a step to benefit Step Up Women's Network. For every step taken on the “blue carpet,” Venus plans to donate $1 to the foundation.

After her inaugural moment, we caught up with Kerr to talk beauty and summer. Between her many roles as a model and mom, she's also currently working on a new product for her line, Kora Organics and making sure Flynn enjoys a normal childhood.

As for her summer plans, Kerr is taking it easy. “As far as going on any holidays, a holiday is to be at home for me. Because I travel for work, to be home is such a luxury. I like to be outside, going to different parks, going for walks on the High Line, just enjoying nature. We have a little pool, a little blow up pool for my sun so he can stay cool and have some fun.”

The Step Up & Step Out tour is going on the road – with stops in Miami, Atlanta, and LA in the coming weeks. But for women who can't make it to these locations, Kerr has a bit of luxurious advice so everyone can feel gorgeous, the supermodel way. “I really love body brushing. It stimulates blood flow. It's a really great way to start the day. Always stroke upwards towards your heart.” Body brush the Miranda way; go shopping at Whole Foods for your own brush and enjoy a DIY moment at home, just like the beauty!