Entertaining Made Easy: Smart Tips for the Savvy Hostess


Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a holiday get-together, at some point, every Glam girl is sure to find herself hosting a party of some sort. Nailing down the theme, menu, and guest list are the essentials, and after that, it’s just about ensuring things go as smoothly as possible. To make the whole process easier on yourself, here are four tips you may not have thought of during your party planning.


Consider a buffet
Expert entertainers know that featuring food in a buffet style makes for a sure crowd-pleaser, not to mention it’s an easier setup for the hostess. Simply allow guests to grab a plate and serve themselves at their leisure. Arrange the buffet table using different types of dishes, bowls, and baskets to create an eye-catching display.

Swap paper for cloth napkins
Environmentally conscious, economically friendly, and pretty to look at, cloth napkins are a great choice for a dinner party. If you’re serving food in a buffet style, provide a decorated hamper next to the trash with a sign directing guests to toss in their used napkins. At the end of the night, you’ll have less trash to clean up and a mere load of laundry to do instead.

Invest in an entertaining-friendly dishwasher
Hosting friends and family is the fun part. The post-party cleanup, though? Not so much. Make the recovery part as effortless as the entertaining by investing in a dishwasher you trust to take on even the most challenging of dirty plates, pots, and pans. You want a speedy, strong washer with a roomy stainless-steel tub—like a top-grade Electrolux Stainless Steel Dishwasher with IQ-Touch Controls(TM) (EI24ID5OQS) which provides a professional-level clean in just 30 minutes so that dishes are ready before the next course is even served. It has both luxury soft-grip racks and a third-level rack, so hostesses no longer have to worry about dishes flipping or being overcrowded.

Collect those cleaning supplies
First, move any decorative carpets or special furniture that you don’t want dramatically soiled out of the party zone. Then have an assortment of cleaning supplies ready for the sorts of spills that are bound to happen anyway. Having stain removers, tile scrubs, and wood polish ready and available during the party will keep any mess from catching you off guard.