Erin Fetherston Joins JewelMint’s Studio Series


Beachmint’s studio series collection is really something special. It allows designers to translate their aesthetic at a very reasonable price point. Such was the case with G&BxJM, designed by Philip Crangi of Giles and Brother and the second in the series with Richard Chai, RCxJM.

The latest collection is a departure from the previous two, as Beachmint’s director of PR and Communications, Jennifer MacCarthy explained to GLAM at Erin Fetherston’s Tea Party to fete the launch. “It’s very feminine and girly, less edgy.” Oh, and did we mention everything is priced under $30?

Today Jewelmint launched EFxJM, a collection that includes three rings, two bracelets, a bangle set, two necklaces and a headband in rose gold finishes with crystal accents, perfectly embodying Fetherston’s feminine and playful aesthetic with motifs like bows, kitty ears and cupids arrow.

Fetherston’s favorite piece? The kitty ears headband, and she also thinks the stacked rings look cool—which we’re inclined to agree with. “I love opportunities to translate my designs aesthetic into different categories and markets,” the designer said. “I have always enjoyed designing jewelry, and JewelMint’s unique e-tail platform is very exciting to me.”

Next on the designer’s horizon is her New York Fashion Week show on February 6th inspired by the mystique surrounding the Barbizon Hotel. After she takes her final bow, she’s off to the next thing, in this case Valentine’s Day, her first with Gabe Saporta as a married couple.

As for JewelMint, MacCarthy wouldn’t give us any clues on the next studio series except to say it would be one of the “friends of the fam.” Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Brooke Burke, Rachel Bilson, and Nicole Chavez, we're looking at you.