Essie Gets Gellin’


As much as we like frequent nail polish change-ups, there's always a time when we need a manicure to last for more than just a week (ex. Periods of time that involve an excessive amount of fashion shows, presentations, parties and events–like fashion week!). Gel nails have become a popular solution to this problem, and polish-hoarder favorite Essie is finally jumping on the bandwagon.

Starting in October, Essie's $35 gel service will be offered at all nail bars and full-service salons carrying the Essie brand. According to Women's Wear Daily, it boasts superior LED technology for curing as well as a keratin technology to ensure users that the process won't weaken their nails. Though the punny names and hues of Essie's original polishes don't exactly match those of the gel polishes, the new renditions still hit close to home. For example, the collection (which is made up of 36 shades) includes Dance Class, a gel version of the much-loved Ballet Slippers. With this next step, Essie is sure to stay in our hearts and on our nails for a very, very long time.