Etsy Sellers Hit Brick & Mortar Stores


In what might seem like a backwards move, Etsy is helping its sellers take their goods from the web and into brick and mortar stores. It might seem counterintuitive nowadays, given that most retailers are trying to make a big push into the online arena, but for Etsy sellers, it’s more about opportunity.

The Etsy Wholesale program, which officially launched August 5, aims to help Etsy’s more established sellers take the “next step” and start selling their goods through third-party retailers. The project has been in beta for quite some time, which explains why you might have seen Etsy creations in West Elm stores and Nordstrom’s home goods department. Etsy Wholesale is basically a private matchmaking service that sellers and retailers must apply for. Sellers must be able to show that they have wholesale experience, but if they don’t, tutorials are available to help them get started. All it costs is $100 on the selling side, and a 3.5% cut of sales made.

According to Vanessa Bertozzi, a senior program manager at Etsy Wholesale, “We knew retailers were already coming to [to find] emerging designers. What we heard from retailers is that it was hard to suss out which sellers were able to do wholesale versus which weren’t.” Hopefully, the new program will result in a number of successful matches and give plenty of budding designers some serious exposure.