Eva Mendes on Thrifting, Gwen Stefani, and New York & Company


Macklemore isn't the only celebrity who minds the thrift shop. Perusing packed racks for discounted designs is a past time of Eva Mendes, one that she weaved into her debut clothing collection at New York & Company.

“I always got to thrift shops and I literally wear $6 dresses,” she told GLAM during her namesake capsule's Lexington Avenue launch. “Women often ask me ‘Where can I get something like that?’ and I never have an answer for them. I'm like ‘Oh my God, this cost me $6 at a Salvation Army.”

With the Eva Mendes Collection exclusively at New York & Company, Mendes vetted her own vintage archives and spawned a series of flare dresses, tunics, sheaths, and blouses that run from $24.95 to $79.95. “I really saw this as an opportunity to recreate some of those looks I like that women ask me about, and have fun with those, and make them accessible,” for the modern-day woman.

“Nowadays we wear so many hats… Certainly in my mother's generation, there was one role, you were one thing. Today, we obviously can do everything,” she added. “It's for the stay-at-home mom who wants to just slip on a quick tunic dress or run around with the kids with no problem. It's no hassle. Or it's for the business woman who wants to sass it up at work,” like she did on the red carpet in a chiffon-mix body suit and black midi skirt.

This isn't a run-of-the-mill celebrity venture either. “I certainly don't take things like this lightly,” Mendes said, stressing that her new feat is a collaboration, rather than a standard endorsement. “I don't lend my name or my likeness easily.” It's something she thinks fellow celebrity designer Gwen Stefani “did right.”

“I feel like her clothes really reflect her personal style,” just as Mendes’ collection echos her affinity for vintage wears. “I love that. I think that's really inspiring to me.”

As for what she'd like to embark on now that she's out of the design studio, Mendes kept it coy: “I'll think about that.”