Exclusive: Ashley Greene Gets ‘Very Sassy’ for Mark’s Newest Fragrance

We came to know her as the sweet, clairvoyant vampire in the Twilight series, but the movies have only been the jumping point for the spirited Ashley Greene. As the face of Mark’s newest fragrance, Very Sassy, she embodies the sugar and spice that every girl is made of. The perfume boasts bold notes of black currant, peach skin, yellow jasmine, white moss, and fruitwood for a luscious and warm finish to any autumn ensemble. Glam recently got the chance to sit down with the starlet and find out how the scent makes the perfect fit for fall, how she pampers herself, and some of her seasonal beauty essentials.

What are some of your favorite notes in Very Sassy?
I love the black currant, and it got a very mossy and green scent to it. So it smells very clean and warm but with a touch of fruit.

Do you think the fragrance fits well for fall?
I think the black currant and the warmth of the woods really makes it a great choice for fall!

Given your hectic schedule, what do you do beauty-wise to spoil yourself?
Getting manicures and pedicures are fun and so are getting facials every once and a while. But there’s nothing like getting a good massage though.

What are your top three makeup bag essentials for the season?
A good mascara, a good eyeliner, and Mark has these really great lip colors [Make it Rich Lip Color Crayons] that you can swipe on and feel like you’re ready to go out.

Mark’s Very Sassy will be available October 2012 at MeetMark.com for $14-$30.