Exclusive: Blake Lively’s Latest Work In “Age of Adaline”


We’re a month away from Blake Lively’s latest silver screen moment in Age of Adaline. The romance epic follows Lively as a woman who’s miraculously remained the same age—29—for more than 80 years. Glam got an exclusive look at one of nine Adaline Through the Ages “Character Posters,” capturing Adaline’s 1980s style. “Because she is trying to stay under the radar, her clothes become a little more somber, a little bit more subdued,” said the film’s costume designer Angus Strathie. “Not plain or ugly but certainly not extravagant. She doesn’t want to bring attention to herself in a physical or emotional way sort of way.” Though that motto isn't exactly on par with the one that Lively adapts when she dresses for public appearances, we love seeing her in a less extravagant light. The olive green coat is surely a departure from the striped ponchos and glamorous ballgowns from events past, but perhaps it indicates a new chapter in Lively's post-baby career. We're certainly looking forward to seeing where this starlet is headed.