Exclusive: Nicky Hilton is Writing a Book on Style


Over the years, Nicky Hilton has enjoyed a range of roles in the fashion industry including that of model and designer thanks to her upbringing as a famous heiress. Now she's set to add another role to her stylish resume.

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While Glam was catching up with Hilton, who just moved back to New York, she let us in on a little project she's working on.

“I'm actually writing my first book right now,” she said. “A style handbook with all of my tips and tricks and stories. I'm really excited, it will be out next September.”

Thanks to her two previous collections and a line of handbags for Samantha Thavasa, we feel secure in the assumption that her book won't be all about jewel encrusted cell phones…like another Hilton's book would have been.