Exclusive Q&A: Taylor Swift Talks Cover Girl

Meet the newest member of the Cover Girl family, Taylor Swift. The Grammy award-winning country music superstar will front the new Nature Luxe collection (premiering in 2011), which features an incredibly hydrating liquid foundation and a moisturizing lip balm. We briefly chatted with the adorable singer-songwriter about her new Cover Girl gig, her personal primping pointers, and her biggest beauty blunder. P.S.—it involves a Sharpie. (Seriously!)

Cover Girl! What does it mean to you? How does it feel?

I remember when I was a little kid flipping through Seventeen, I saw that Faith Hill was a Cover Girl and I just thought that was the coolest thing in the world. Ever since [then] I would always make a point to see who was the newest Cover Girl. Based on some of the choices they’ve made, like Drew Barrymore, Ellen [DeGeneres], and Rihanna, they’re all these different kinds of beautiful, I just thought it would be really cool to be part of a family that thinks that individuality is beautiful.

What is your absolute favorite Cover Girl product?

Lash Blast! I started using it forever ago because I went to four magazine shoots in a row and all the makeup artists were using that mascara, and so I started using it. And right now it’s the [Nature Luxe] Gloss Balm; in the winter, the wind is always blowing and my hair gets stuck to my mouth when I’m wearing lip gloss and it’s really irritating. It doesn’t do that with Gloss Balm. And they smell good, which is nice—it’s a big deciding factor for me.

Who are your beauty icons?

Charlize Theron is just gorgeous. And I heard that she does her own makeup for some award shows and I thought that was so down-to-earth and cool. And I went to Roberto Cavalli’s show in Milan and I [met] Natalia Vodianova. She is so beautiful all the time—she always looks gorgeous.

When do you feel most beautiful?

When I feel really confident; I think it’s a spontaneous thing that happens every once in a while and I can never predict when, but there are sometimes when I just feel really confident, smiling and laughing… I think in those [moments] when you do feel confident you should just live it up and appreciate it for the fact that it’s there, because I don’t think anybody is ever consistently always confident.

Your skin looks fantastic! Please share your most amazing skin secret…

Putting on moisturizer is like the number one thing that I do; I use moisturizer in the morning and at night. And I think it helps you apply your foundation more smoothly.

What are your biggest beauty blunders?

Sometimes I take my makeup off at night, sometimes I don’t. I’m pretty lazy when it comes to like a regimen or anything like that.

What makeup item can you NOT live without?

Liquid eyeliner. It’s a go-to. It’s something I’m just really comfortable wearing and I love the challenge of getting the line right every morning.

Most people are the other way around; they’re very scared of liquid liners. How did you learn to master it?

I think it was when I was on a plane to Japan like two years ago and I’d always used pencils up to then. I had no makeup with me and so I went into the bathroom and used a Sharpie. From that point on I just started using the liquid liner because I realized it was pretty easy for me to do that. I don’t recommend drawing on your eyes with Sharpie!

What message do you think the new Nature Luxe will send to consumers and your fan base?

I think that it means that makeup doesn’t have to feel like paint; it’s really light and airy. I feel like I’m having a day off when I wear it, because I always wear [the foundation] on my face whenever I’m not traveling. It just makes me feel like I don’t have to take things so seriously, because my makeup doesn’t have to be so seriously heavy.

Lastly, what beauty message would you love to share with your fans?

That it’s not about being like everybody else. When I was in school, everybody had straight hair and I had really curly hair, so I straightened my hair all the time and I didn’t ever feel comfortable having curly hair. But now, there’s something that switched a little bit because now I always have curly hair, and I don’t feel as confident when I have straight hair. It’s like this weird switch that happens when you come to realize what you like to look like. And you stop weighing it against what you think everyone else wants you to look like.