Expert Hair Advice From Vidal Sassoon

During the screening of “Vidal Sassoon The Movie” we met up with the man behind the shampoo. The documentary details how the 83 year-old hairstylist revolutionized the way the world views hair. We can't think of anyone with more expertise than Sassoon, and so he graciously shared his wise insight with us.

Congratulations! How are you feeling tonight?
A little shy and humble. I truly mean that. I’ve been to film premiers before, but it’s always been for somebody else! This is the first documentary that’s ever been made about my life, so feeling humbled.

What is it about a great haircut that energizes women so much?
It’s energizing for everyone! It’s energizing for the hairdresser, too. When the woman loves her haircut she is energized as she walks out the door and you, as the hairdresser, feel that energy because you’ve done something special for her.

In addition to hairstyling, you are dedicated to exercise and nutrition. How are the two worlds connected?
The hairstyle world and the exercise world always had to be connected for me, because there were long, 14 hour days and there were weekends working in Milan or Paris for a show. It’s hard, physical work. But it’s fascinating work. I love hairdressers because they care for others all day long.

Which celebrity has the most innovative hairstyle?
I really like Victoria Beckham. I think she has one of the best cuts around. A lot of girls are just wearing curtains and it hangs there on the cheeks, hiding the bone structure. Necks are very sexy as well, and often women cover it up.

What tips would you give to women to look chic and timeless?
Go to an expert and talk to them. You have to converse with your hairstylist; it's very important. There’s a part in the movie where a women wants a certain cut and I tell her it isn’t the right look for her. You can’t just sit down in a chair and go for it. It’s so important for a hairstylist to examine the woman’s bone structure and make a suggestion. But, the woman always gets the final say.