Fab Frames: How To Find Your Perfect Pair

Keeping your eye out for the latest must-have eyewear is challenging if you have trouble seeing, but not to worry: LensCrafters has you covered!

With the LensCrafters myLook™ virtual mirror, finding great eyewear has never been easier. Head to the nearest LensCrafters, like I did, and find your must-have frames. If you need a point of reference before you enter the store, just log on to the myLook landing page on the LensCrafters site (LensCrafters.com—use myLook landing page URL) and select “Find Your Look” toward the bottom of the page. Based on a series of questions I answered, LensCrafters recommended five frames that balance out my softer features and match my style. I was pegged as “someone who appreciates the finer things in life.” That sounded about right.

Equipped with these suggestions, I went to LensCrafters. I started by raiding the shelves for four styles of frames I was drawn to. Then with the help of myLook, I had myself photographed! LensCrafters’ unique myLook technology lets you see yourself clearly, the way others see you. I was an old-Hollywood starlet in retro frames, a chic geek with some thick plastic frames, a diva in cat-eyes, and picture-perfect in a classic oversize style. With my prescription glasses back on, I was able to view the four images side by side clearly and find the perfect frames for my face and personality! Now to decide on sunglasses.…