Fast and Furious Star Jordana Brewster Talks Life on Set, Keeping Her Car Clean and Her Son’s First Steps


Jordana Brewster was all smiles at the Mr. Clean Summer Fashion Party on Tuesday in New York City. The Fast and the Furious actress looked divine in a cropped white Houghton Resort 2014 top and matching skirt. She kept the all white theme, carrying an Zagliani 'Faye' all white clutch, white sandals and white polish on her fingers and toes. Glam caught up with the new mother to talk about her son, summer plans and what’s like on the set of The Fast and the Furious.

How is your son doing?

He’s awesome, and every day, something new is happening.

How has motherhood changed you?

It changes monthly. It makes you more of a worrier. It’s nice though because I’m relying on my circle of girlfriends.

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How do you deal with all the traveling?

I will get on an early flight, and I will make them like quick spurts. I won’t be away more than one night at a time, if I can help it

Do you and your husband have rules, like as to how long you stay apart?

As a couple, we try to do two weeks at a time. We try.

Let’s switch gears, what’s it like being on the Fast and the Furious set?

We’re not allowed to say much–they kind of have it under lock and key. But I finished shooting. The lovely thing about the set is that we’ve been working together for so long so even with what happened, it was nice to work with people that I love so much.

And being on the set of Dallas, now that you have a child?

Well when I was on set, Julian was still a newborn and it was flu season so he didn’t get to go much, but now if we go back I’ll definitely bring him on set.

If you could use the Mr. Clean eraser on one part of your life, what would it be?

My car. I might try it on my car–it’s constantly a mess. I eat in my car, I’ve got baby stuff in my car, and I think I might just keep a bunch of Mr. Clean in there. I don’t go to the car wash as often as I should so maybe I’ll try that.

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Any Fourth of July plans?

I’m going to be in Malibu, hosting a barbeque.

Very fun. For your family?

Yes, for about 40 people.

Images Courtesy of @jordanabrewster